A Guide to Punjabi Weddings

I’ve often been asked what a Punjabi wedding involves. There are so many random rituals during the many ceremonies that make up a wedding. Then they vary depending on your faith or whether a boy or girl is getting married.

Running Epic Events has given me an interesting insight into what these traditions are and the meaning behind them. Namely, you may have attended many Punjabi weddings and enjoyed the jaago, but do you know why the jaago is even part of the wedding? You probably enjoy rubbing vatna/maiyan over the bride or groom, but what is the significance of this?


Saahe chithi
Mehndi and sangeet
Wedding day – morning
Wedding day – religious ceremony
Wedding day – reception and doli



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Princess Party

The best thing about themed parties is that your imagination is the limit. Themes don’t have to be restricted by trends or colours. You can personalise a function by a theme that means something to you – such as a Princess Party for your little princess!

Here are some ideas we’ve come across. They demonstrate how creative you can be and themed parties don’t have to break the bank balance. A few quirky ideas could leave a lasting impression.







At Epic Events, we believe in leaving lasting impressions and how better to do that than splashing out on the fanciest of decor! Scene-setters are cheap and easy to install, to instantly transform a room to a Princess’s banquet room! If you’d prefer an elegant finish then why not go for a sophisticated Princess Tea Party? If the children are too young to make the most of the party, a stylish function will leave your elder guests breathless. If the children are older, why not go for an animated Princess theme. You can buy almost life-size cartoon cut-outs – a great way to welcome guests!







Think of colour, elegance and style for your little princess. Why not have a sweet stand with personalised cupcakes – a great way to get the kids involved – homemade favours or food that is shaped into princess themes! The possibilities are endless!





Why not have a fancy-dress code for your little guests who could all dress as princes and princesses. Telling fairytale stories at the party or face-painting always gets the young ones going. A jumping castle is great if the sun’s out. Or even playing pass-the-parcel with princess-themed prizes! Getting one of the adults to dress-up as a fairy Godmother will work a treat!



These are just a few ideas for you to play around with. But you can always count on Epic Events to give you a fairytale party that will leave your guests starry-eyed!



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Home wedding decorations

People often pay so much attention to their wedding reception that they forget to dress their home for the occasion too.

When guests pop by before your wedding or even afterwards to congratulate you, wouldn’t it be great to be surrounded by colour and memories of your special day?

Wedding decorations don’t have to be limited to the reception venue. Why not brighten up your home to make it feel as festive as you would on say Christmas or Diwali? It will spark a buzz and make your wedding feel so much more special.

And the best thing about home wedding decorations is that they tailor to your home. So they will always look unique and impress your guests!

Here’s a few ideas:

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Easter Wedding Ideas

I know quite a few people who are tying the knot this weekend. In fact, it’s one of the most popular times of the year to get hitched because of the long Easter holiday.

Here are a few ideas on how to make your special day relevant to an Easter theme!

1. Colour theme

Pastel dress code

Pastels are a sign of spring. Why not opt for a pastel palette for your bridesmaids dresses or men’s ties? They’d definitely stand out from the rest of the wedding guests, and it’s a break from boring solo-colour themes that can look more like a uniform! By the way – I read a fact that apparently yellow is a slimming colour, so why not venture out of your usual wardrobe colours?!

2. Wedding decor

Yellow chair sashes

When you think Easter, the first colour that comes to mind is yellow. The best thing about it is that it’s so versatile and unisex! So why not try out yellow flowers for centrepieces, like daffodils or yellow roses? And maybe add a touch of class with yellow chair sashes? Simplicity and elegance always leave a lasting impression!

3. Buttonholes

Yellow gerbera buttonhole

It’s not always easy to get men to adhere to a dress code. That’s where buttonholes come in. Why not go for a seasonal flower or stick to the seasonal colour of yellow? It’s such a fresh and uplifting colour.

4. Wedding cake

Easter wedding cake toppers

Add a novelty touch to your wedding cake. Rather than going for an animated bride and bride-groom, go for Easter bunnies? In line with the theme and something that will definitely get people smiling!

5. Wedding favours

Easter wedding favours

The most enjoyable part of a wedding it the infinite scope to be creative. And where better to start that with the smallest details, like wedding favours? Add colour and interest to guest’s tables with cute favours of Easter eggs in nests or little chicks? In fact, if you have any kids in the family, get them to showcase their artistic talent by joining in! It saves you the time and occupies the little ones with something fun in the holidays!

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2012 Wedding Trends

We’re fast-approaching the Spring wedding season already and it seems 2012 only just began!

If you’re planning your Big Day this year, you’ll want to know what’s Hot and what’s definitely Not this year. So, here I am with the buzzing trends of 2012!

1. DIY

DIY favours

With the constant aim to produce bespoke functions with personalised touches, the trend this year is to do-it-yourself! Brides and grooms are exercising their creative-side – or usually delegating the task to a reliable friend or sibling! It could be something small or meaningful to the wedding couple, but quirky wedding favours and funky home decor is a must this year. Let’s face it, with the current economic state, DIY is a welcome option!

2. Same colour palette

source: making-greetings-cards.com

For all you bridesmaids and best men out there, you’ll be happy to hear that wedding couples are steering away from set colour themes. Instead, they’re opting for you to choose any shade from a set colour palette. This could mean if purple is the colour palette, you could choose from lilac through to violet to plum!

3. Colour Themes

Bold colours

The most common colour themes for wedding decorations and accessories are purple, orchid and blues. The focus is on the bold and beautiful. Neon colours are reflecting trends in fashion lines up and down the High Street, and being adopted in wedding themes. So boldly go where no other couple have dared to venture!

4. Cheap and cheerful cakes

source: blogspot.koyalwholesale.com

Have you been to a wedding recently where the cake looked delectable, but your table was missed out when it came to serving it? Think again my friend; the cake probably wasn’t even served to guests! A lot of couples are rolling back the cost by using display cakes that are inedible (but look delicious!) with a single edible layer that is used for the cake-cutting ceremony. The remainder is often taken home for close family and friends to enjoy as a midnight snack!

5. Paper perfect

source: blogspot.koyalwholesale.com

Keeping in line with the DIY-money-saving theme this year, it’s a growing trend to incorporate tissue paper in wedding decorations! It may seem nostalgic of nursery days but paper lanterns, paper pom poms and tissue table covers could be an effective way to add colour to your reception!

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What’s in a Buttonhole?

Have you ever wondered why men have gone around with a flower to their suit jacket? Or did you just assume it’s one of those wedding traditions that have evolved with time but without meaning?

Buttonhole comes from the French word, boutonniere. They’ve been a wedding custom since flowers were introduced in wedding decorations. Traditionally, a carnation is used, usually in white, which is the most formal type.

Nowadays, people have incorporated buttonholes to the wider theme of their wedding – be it the colour, type of flower or even accessories associated with it. Recently, I’ve been approached my brides who have wanted the men in their family to coordinate with the women in a common colour, but the men have refused. So, I’ve suggested for them to enhance their wedding theme with buttonholes instead!

Check these designs out. These are a few of numerous ideas. The great thing about buttonholes is there is unlimited scope for creativity and when you have a whole host of men wearing them, they leave a lasting impression, What do you think?

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The 21st Century Wedding

Have you recently been to a wedding where you were left gobsmacked at the intricacy of detail? The personalisation of wedding favours? The themes? The entertainment? The grandiose of it all?

Welcome to the twenty-first century wedding.

I’ve been in events management for five years. Yet, I continue to marvel at the wishes of couples on how they want their big day to be “different”.

There is so much emphasis on being unique that a lot of the time I wonder whether they are so caught up in the minute elements of the wedding day that they haven’t considered the lifetime commitment of marriage.

But then why shouldn’t they splash out on their life-long dreams? Why shouldn’t they fulfil the pictures they’ve been piecing together in their mind for years of how their union to their soul mate will be celebrated?

Pessimists will go on ranting about how pretentious it is or a waste of money to spend so much on one event in your life. But why let others’ thoughts dominate you?

A wedding doesn’t have to be grand or expensive to be memorable. This is where many people stumble. The finest detail could leave a lasting impact. Be it the colour scheme or whatever you centre your theme around; cost is only a number. It’s what you make of it that matters.

Nowadays, whether it’s a simple or lavish affair, something quirky or maybe traditional – you’re bound to be different because weddings are no longer generic.

So, look forward to your big day. Live it to your heart’s content. Make all your dreams a reality. Anything is possible, you just have to visualise it!

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