How to make a nappy tower

Do you have a baby shower coming up and can’t think of an apt gift? Or maybe you’re looking to gift a friend who has recently had a baby? Well why not add an epic touch to your gift by incorporating it in a nappy tower!

 What you need:

  • Baby nappies (the number depends on how many layers you would like)
  • Basket/cake base (to stand the nappy tower on)
  • cellophane
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • pull bow/organza bow


1. Make the base layer by putting a gift in the centre (toiletries in this case) and stand the nappies around it. The base layer should be wider so you will need to use quite a few. Hold these in place with ribbon and fasten tight. Its much easier to do this with two people.

nappy tower

2. For the second layer, add another gift in the centre (toiletries for the mum in this case) and surround it with nappies that have been rolled together so this layer is not as tall as the base layer. Tie together with ribbon.

nappy tower

3. You could add a third layer but ensure it is not as wide so the layers are ascending. Or you could put a toy/teddy on the top. Put the completed layers in a basket or on a cake base. You could add additional gifts such as clothes perched on the layers. Wrap it all in cellophane. Complete the look with a pull bow.

nappy tower

And voila!

nappy tower

For gift-wrapping services, please get in touch with the Epic Events team.

About Raj Kaur Bilkhu-Sohal

Raj Kaur Bilkhu-Sohal is a journalist from Birmingham, who now lives in London.
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  1. Ravin says:

    its amazing article.

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