The most expensive weddings EVER!

I often come across people (mainly parents!) who are astounded at the cost of weddings. It’s fast becoming fashionable to add grandeur to wedding days with lavish venues, entertainment and trimmings. But do you know how much was spent on the most expensive wedding ever?

Here are the top three blinging weddings of all time:

#3 – Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Midlleton's weddingHe is second in line to the British throne, and she is daughter of a commoners who became a millionaire!

We enjoyed a national bank holiday to celebrate a royal wedding that cost an estimated £22.57 million in 2011!

Around £21.24 million of this went on security, which was a bill footed by the taxpayer. The Royals and Middletons paid for the rest, including over £53,000 on a wedding cake for 1,900 guests!

#2 – Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia weddingHe is an i-banker and owner of Swordfish Investments. She is the daughter of Indian billionaire steel magnate, Lashmi Mittal. Their wedding cost a whopping £40 million in 2005, which is the equivalent to £43.8 million today.

Their guests received silver invites, plane tickets, stay in a five-star hotel, luxury gift bags packed with jewels and a live performance by Kylie Minogue in a French 16th century chateau over five days of festivities! Now that’s a guest list I wish I was on!

#1 – Prince Charles and Lady Diana

Prince Charles and Lady Diana weddingBelieve it or not, the most expensive wedding recorded in history was three decades ago. He was (and is still waiting…) first in line to the throne. She was a pre-school teacher who stole the heart of the nation.

In 1981, their big day had a price tag of £32 million, which is the equivalent to £73 million today!

The couple caught the attention of 750 million people worldwide and two million spectators in the UK. They set the precedence for magnificent wedding cakes with a massive 14-foot main cake, a duplicate just-in-case cake, and 27 extra wedding cakes! I take a wild guess and suppose the Royals have a sweet tooth?!

About Raj Kaur Bilkhu-Sohal

Raj Kaur Bilkhu-Sohal is a journalist from Birmingham, who now lives in London.
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5 Responses to The most expensive weddings EVER!

  1. Anonymous says:

    HELLO RAJ. VERY USEFULL SITE. THANKS. I was looking for the suhaag patari, what do we take in the suhaag patari tray, I ave some idea which my Bhabi gave me. please tell me if I am missing something. in the tray which is a fancy tray, would Mehendi, Gols tikka,Clothes that the new bride wears for the phare (back the second day to her parents house), some make up. flowers and a small fruit and methai basket or tray. am looking forward to the answer on your site and hopefull it wil helps others too.

    • Raj Bilkhu says:

      Hi, thanks for the positive feedback!
      Some families do both the chunni ceremony and suhaag pataari, whereas some only do one. Generally you could take an outfit, make-up and mendhi for the bride, some people take sindoor and gold (tikka). As well as this you would take mithai or ladoo and dry fruits (meva), which is given to the bride’s brother.
      You could use my guide on the chunni ceremony as guidance
      I’m on holiday at the moment but as soon as I return I will write a dedicated blog for the suhaag pataari 🙂
      Watch this space!

  2. Charlie sapal says:

    Your website is amazingly useful for the likes of us who don’t want to do!!! It’s my sons wedding in June and am baffled!! 😖

  3. NEERJA Bhatia says:

    V informative website and got lot of insight for a Punjabi Wedding Rituals. My only request is to mention rituals of Non-Sikh Punjabis. Lot of these rituals are purely Sikh that we are unaware of.
    Thank you.
    United States

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