Easter Wedding Ideas

I know quite a few people who are tying the knot this weekend. In fact, it’s one of the most popular times of the year to get hitched because of the long Easter holiday.

Here are a few ideas on how to make your special day relevant to an Easter theme!

1. Colour theme

Pastel dress code

Pastels are a sign of spring. Why not opt for a pastel palette for your bridesmaids dresses or men’s ties? They’d definitely stand out from the rest of the wedding guests, and it’s a break from boring solo-colour themes that can look more like a uniform! By the way – I read a fact that apparently yellow is a slimming colour, so why not venture out of your usual wardrobe colours?!

2. Wedding decor

Yellow chair sashes

When you think Easter, the first colour that comes to mind is yellow. The best thing about it is that it’s so versatile and unisex! So why not try out yellow flowers for centrepieces, like daffodils or yellow roses? And maybe add a touch of class with yellow chair sashes? Simplicity and elegance always leave a lasting impression!

3. Buttonholes

Yellow gerbera buttonhole

It’s not always easy to get men to adhere to a dress code. That’s where buttonholes come in. Why not go for a seasonal flower or stick to the seasonal colour of yellow? It’s such a fresh and uplifting colour.

4. Wedding cake

Easter wedding cake toppers

Add a novelty touch to your wedding cake. Rather than going for an animated bride and bride-groom, go for Easter bunnies? In line with the theme and something that will definitely get people smiling!

5. Wedding favours

Easter wedding favours

The most enjoyable part of a wedding it the infinite scope to be creative. And where better to start that with the smallest details, like wedding favours? Add colour and interest to guest’s tables with cute favours of Easter eggs in nests or little chicks? In fact, if you have any kids in the family, get them to showcase their artistic talent by joining in! It saves you the time and occupies the little ones with something fun in the holidays!


About Raj Bilkhu

Raj Kaur Bilkhu is a journalist from Birmingham, UK.
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