2012 Wedding Trends

We’re fast-approaching the Spring wedding season already and it seems 2012 only just began!

If you’re planning your Big Day this year, you’ll want to know what’s Hot and what’s definitely Not this year. So, here I am with the buzzing trends of 2012!

1. DIY

DIY favours

With the constant aim to produce bespoke functions with personalised touches, the trend this year is to do-it-yourself! Brides and grooms are exercising their creative-side – or usually delegating the task to a reliable friend or sibling! It could be something small or meaningful to the wedding couple, but quirky wedding favours and funky home decor is a must this year. Let’s face it, with the current economic state, DIY is a welcome option!

2. Same colour palette

source: making-greetings-cards.com

For all you bridesmaids and best men out there, you’ll be happy to hear that wedding couples are steering away from set colour themes. Instead, they’re opting for you to choose any shade from a set colour palette. This could mean if purple is the colour palette, you could choose from lilac through to violet to plum!

3. Colour Themes

Bold colours

The most common colour themes for wedding decorations and accessories are purple, orchid and blues. The focus is on the bold and beautiful. Neon colours are reflecting trends in fashion lines up and down the High Street, and being adopted in wedding themes. So boldly go where no other couple have dared to venture!

4. Cheap and cheerful cakes

source: blogspot.koyalwholesale.com

Have you been to a wedding recently where the cake looked delectable, but your table was missed out when it came to serving it? Think again my friend; the cake probably wasn’t even served to guests! A lot of couples are rolling back the cost by using display cakes that are inedible (but look delicious!) with a single edible layer that is used for the cake-cutting ceremony. The remainder is often taken home for close family and friends to enjoy as a midnight snack!

5. Paper perfect

source: blogspot.koyalwholesale.com

Keeping in line with the DIY-money-saving theme this year, it’s a growing trend to incorporate tissue paper in wedding decorations! It may seem nostalgic of nursery days but paper lanterns, paper pom poms and tissue table covers could be an effective way to add colour to your reception!


About Raj Bilkhu

Raj Kaur Bilkhu is a journalist from Birmingham, UK.
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