The 21st Century Wedding

Have you recently been to a wedding where you were left gobsmacked at the intricacy of detail? The personalisation of wedding favours? The themes? The entertainment? The grandiose of it all?

Welcome to the twenty-first century wedding.

I’ve been in events management for five years. Yet, I continue to marvel at the wishes of couples on how they want their big day to be “different”.

There is so much emphasis on being unique that a lot of the time I wonder whether they are so caught up in the minute elements of the wedding day that they haven’t considered the lifetime commitment of marriage.

But then why shouldn’t they splash out on their life-long dreams? Why shouldn’t they fulfil the pictures they’ve been piecing together in their mind for years of how their union to their soul mate will be celebrated?

Pessimists will go on ranting about how pretentious it is or a waste of money to spend so much on one event in your life. But why let others’ thoughts dominate you?

A wedding doesn’t have to be grand or expensive to be memorable. This is where many people stumble. The finest detail could leave a lasting impact. Be it the colour scheme or whatever you centre your theme around; cost is only a number. It’s what you make of it that matters.

Nowadays, whether it’s a simple or lavish affair, something quirky or maybe traditional – you’re bound to be different because weddings are no longer generic.

So, look forward to your big day. Live it to your heart’s content. Make all your dreams a reality. Anything is possible, you just have to visualise it!


About Raj Bilkhu

Raj Kaur Bilkhu is a journalist from Birmingham, UK.
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